Digital orientation map in 3D

WagnerGuide is a digital orientation map that
your visitors use to locate exactly what they
are looking for within your facilities. The map
of your facilities in LibraryGuide is made up by
3D models, creating a completely interactive
and easy to use platform for communication
and visualization.

LibraryGuide is used by libraries, hospitals and
schools to offer visitors, students and staff
accessible information, path finding and easy
access to other systems used by the

With customers in the UK, Sweden, Ireland,
Denmark, Norway, Finland & Germany, including
Manchester University, Birmingham
University & Copenhagen City Library, you’re in
good company.





Simplifying communication

Our customers use WangerGuide for different purposes. Many choose to offer it to their visitors, to help them navigate and access information.


WagnerGuide is also used for internal purposes within different organisations. Some hospitals for instance use WagnerGuide to send out messages to their employees about where they need to be when specific event occur, such as current disruptions that affect the staff. This means that the hospital with WagnerGuide has a tool for communicating real time information that can be crucial for managing an effective  organisation.

You decide the content

WagnerGuide is delivered to you with a standard setup.You have the ability to edit all content i.e logos, menus, and objects to suit your organisation and users.

Easy to learn, edit and use

Support included

Personal turtorial included

Easy start up

Becoming a WagnerGuide customer is easy.
You provide us with the information and floor plans you want included in your WagnerGuide. We design the map of your facilities in dialogue with you, ensuring they meet your requirements and accurately portray reality.


Easy editing

You can easily edit the information you’ve added for your
visitors to see. With the easy to use editing tool, your map can
be adjusted to always be up to date.

The map in WagnerGuide is made out of 3D models. These
models, for example the book shelves, can be recoloured, rescaled
or removed to suit your current interior. If your library is
refurnished, it’s very easy to edit this by yourselves in the guide.

Cloud based & platform independent

WagnerGuide is a completely cloud based service, that works oncomputers, smartphones, tablets and kiosks.
WagnerGuide is platform independent through WebGL2 technology that allow us render real time animations in any modern browser

Integrate with other systems

WagnerGuide 3.0 was built with other systems in mind, making it
possible to integrate for example your library catalogue, web page
and booking systems to the interactive map of your facilities.

With WagnerGuide integrated with the library catalogue, students
and visitors can access the map directly from the catalogue, and
see exactly on which shelf the book they are looking for is located.

The pictures below show how University of West London have their
catalogue integrated with WagnerGuide. With the click of one
button, the students access the map and find exactly where the
book is located.


Free demo!

We offer a free demo in order to simplify your decision process, accessing WagnerGuide over your facilities free of charge