Guiding the museum visitor

Educational guidance is necessary for the visitor to be able to make the most of the museum's offerings as much as possible.
We analyze the information needs. We create a natural and user-friendly information structure consisting of web-based digital roadmap programs, educational orientation maps and signage programs.

Proper use provides these tools with improved accessibility, increased flow and a growing flow of independent visitors.
You get a more rational visitor management! How do we help you concretely?

- WagnerGuide; For directions and information about your museum in your mobile, computer & tablet
- Signal signage system; For signage in your premises
- WagnerOrganization map; Physical map that gives an overview of your premises
- Consultation; We help you how to structure signage and information services for happier visitors

Some reference museum's

- Nationalmuseet Stockholm

- Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet Stockholm

- Länsmuseet Gävleborg

- Tre museer i ett Stockholm

Request a free demo!

Excited to see what the Guide would look like at your own place? We offer a free demo in order to help out in the decision making. You will have access to a WagnerGuide free of charge, without any hooks. The process is the same as above, and if you decide to buy WagnerGuide, basically all work is already done!

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