Creating the future library

We help the borrower to access the library's resources by developing the library's visual, digital and physical interfaces.
We provide products and services that ensure that the library visitor has all the information he or she needs to fully utilize the library's resources. So how do we do this?

We offer libraries: WagnerGuide, Signal Skyltsystem & WagnerOrientationMap.


WagnerGuide is used by over 100 libraries, as a digital pointer and information presenter. During our 25 years in the industry, WagnerGuide has evolved from being a guide to becoming a central information hub for indoor environments, which visitors rely on to get information about your premises and activities. We also work closely with BK Library Interiors: The Library Factory in Småland.
This makes us a complete supplier for all types of libraries.


  • easy

  • educational

  • available

  • editable

Request a free demo!

Excited to see what the Guide would look like at your own place? We offer a free demo in order to help out in the decision making. You will have access to a WagnerGuide free of charge, without any hooks. The process is the same as above, and if you decide to buy WagnerGuide, basically all work is already done!

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