URL Generator

The URL Generator tool enables you to convey specific information in an easy way. It creates a URL link that shows a specific event automatically when opened, such as highlight of objects or a path to a specific object.

Link to entity

If enabled, allows you to select an entity that is displayed when loading the URL. If you have selected Map Objects as your selected entity, you can select Map Object(s) that will be highlighted.

If a Path or Message Group is selected, the selected path/message group will be played on load.







Enter a custom text that will be displayed when the URL is opened. 

Prioritize a map file 

Used to load a certain map file. If used in combination with highlighting objects that are on multiple floors, this will make sure the selected map file will be loaded and the user does not have to select what map file they'd like to see.

Change language 

Launches your map with the selected language. If disabled, the default language is used. 


Force mobile view

If enabled, changes the layout to the mobile version 


Change Default live view settings 

Overrides your settings in the 'Live View Settings' for this URL. Note that changing these values only changes the settings when using this URL.



The complete URL that will be updated every time you make a change in the above settings. You can use this to copy and paste to your website.


Go to URL  

Opens a new tab with the generated URL