The menu is used to help your visitor navigate and find information in your map.

The buttons inside the menu is stored in a button section, which determines how the button should be displayed.

Set as active menu

If this is enabled, this menu will be

loaded by default when loading the



Use this to give a description to your menu. Useful if you have multiple menus and want to differentiate them . This description is only visible for you when editing your guide, and never in the live view.


Banner Settings

You may upload your own menu banner. 

  1. Upload your banner to your Icon Library

  2. Click 'Select new banner' and select the icon

  3. Edit the height and padding to adjust the position and appearance of the banner.

  4. Save the menu by clicking 'Save menu'

To reset the height and padding, you can click 'Reset height padding' that resets them to the default settings.


Theme Colors

The theme colors consists of four colors:

Banner background color - the backround color of the banner. This is useful if you have a transparent banner.

Button text color - the color of the buttons

Primary color - The main color of the menu, i.e. the background color of the buttons and elements.

Secondary color - The color that's shown when a button is hovered.

To reset these values to their default settings, click on 'Reset theme colors'.


Font selector

You may change the font family, style (bold, italic, etc.) and size (in pixels). Experiment to see what looks best, or use the default settings (Roboto, Regular, 16px).


Buttons sections

Button sections contains the menu buttons, and determines how the menu buttons inside them should be displayed. You can change the ordering of the button sections by dragging the handle up or down and change the button type by clicking on the type name

To create a new button section, click on the "Add new button section"-button and choose button section type. 

To delete a button section, click on the trash can.

Note: This will delete all menu buttons inside it.

Add button section

Button Section Type

Standard button section The buttons inside this type will display their icon and text, and take up the entire width of the menu

Icon button section 

The buttons inside this type will only display the icon of the button, and take up a minimum 25% of the width.

Delete button section

To delete a button section, click on the trash can.

Note: This will delete all menu buttons inside of it.