Position 3D Objects

When using the position tool, it's recommended to move the camera and view from different perspectives.

To move the camera:

  • Click and hold your primary mouse button (usually the left one) and drag the mouse around to rotate around the camera target.

  • Press and hold your secondary mouse button (usually the right one) and drag the mouse around to pan the camera. 

  • To zoom in and out, use your scroll wheel and scroll up and down. You can also hold down your scroll button and drag your mouse up and down.


We recommend the following work flow when using the position tool:

Step 1 - Position the camera above the object, and move the object using the blue and red arrow: 

Step 2 - Position the camera sideways from the object and move the object up or down using the green arrow:


Step 3 - Make the last changes by rotating the camera and making sure the object is in the correct place: