Message Groups and Messages

Message Groups allows you to move the camera around while displaying text to the user (example).


Message Groups consists of Messages. You can configure both the position that the message will have, as well as the camera's start and ending position, making it possible to animate the camera. The position of each Message is what decides what position the camera will look at. See this page for help with positioning the Message.

If you create Messages on different floors/map files, the user will be asked to change the floor/map file when the switch occurs. This only happens if the floor is not currently loaded in the view. To create a new Message, click on 'Add new message', and select either which map file you want to freely position the Step in, or a map object whose position you will reference.

To change the order of the Messages, drag the Messages to the desired position: 

Auto Play Messages

If enabled, automatically goes to the next Message once the current message is has finished playing. If disabled, the user must click 'Next' to proceed.



The text that will be displayed for the Message:

Custom camera position

Enable this to set what position the camera should start at when viewing the Message. If no ending position is set, this first position is used for the entire duration of the Message. Click on 'Update first' to update the starting position, and click 'Preview first' to move the camera to that position.

Custom ending position

Enable this to set what position the camera should end at when viewing the Message. Click on 'Update end' to update the ending position, and click 'Preview end' to move the camera to that position.

Camera position animation duration

The amount of frames that the camera will animate from the start to the ending position. The higher the value, the slower the animation will be, and vice versa. Use 'Preview start and end pos' to preview the animation.

Highlight target

If enabled, displays a highlight circle around the target when viewing the message.