Menu buttons

The menu buttons are used by your visitor to present information and help with the navigation of your map. 


Select an icon using the "Select icon"-button. You can search for icons by using english keywords, such as 'desktop', 'female',  'battery'. Use the color picker to change the color.


Determines which animations will be played when the button is clicked (see Animation).


To add a new Animation, you can either create a new Animation by clicking 'Create new animation to button', or select one in the 'Add new animation' and click on the plus. You can edit the animations you have added to your button by clicking the pencil icon.  

If the button has more than one animation, they will be played in a sequential order starting with the first. To change this order, drag the animation entries to the desired position. 


Determines what the button does when it is pressed. There are different typs of buttons that trigger different actions. To change the button type, click on the button type drop down list and select the desired type:

Link button:  Opens a new tab with the entered URL when the button is clicked.

Map File Selector:

This creates a submenu with a menu button for each map file in your map. If 'Display a Load all map floors button' is enabled, a button for the default view will be added at the top.


Sub menu button allows the menu button to contain other menu buttons. To add a new button to a menu button, click on the 'Add new submenu button' such as sub menu or show a specific floor

Inner HTML

Used to display HTML/text under the menu button when clicked. First select the language and then enter your text


If enabled, attempts to load a url in an IFrame window, when the buttons is pressed. Note: the domain entered must allow Cross-Domain, or https://wisibel.com as an allowed origin.