Map text

Map Texts are used to pinpoint texts in your map.

The map text is assigned to a map file, which makes sure that only the relevant map texts are added to the map when single map files. Note - The map text will be invisible if it's behind another object.



A descriptive name for the map text, only visible in the admin view.


The text that will be displayed in the map. For each language that is added to the map, an additional text input will be displayed which will be used when translating the map in the live view.

Text color

Used to color the text

Font Size 

The size of the text (in pixels)


Drag the blue/green/red arrows to change position:

Center text

If enabled, centers the text around the position

Border sides

etermines on which sides the border should be visible on.

Border color

Determines the color of the border

Border width

Determines the width of the border

Background color

Determines the background color of the map text