Map Object Groups

Map Object Groups can be used to group map objects with a common name and description, which can be included in animations and search results.

Name and Description 

The name and description of the group. This will be used when your users searches the search bar.


Groups in this group

Select groups to include them in this group. This includes the other groups' map objects and groups recursively/repeatedly. This way you can chain information about groups while still maintaining them individually. When you have selected a group, you will notice a black color around the objects of that group in the 3D-map. This indicates that the objects are included in your group through other groups.


Objects in this group

Either select in the drop down list, or click on the objects in the map to determine which objects that should be included. Use Alt+Click to deselect objects in the 3D-map. When you have selected an object, it will be selected with a yellow color. This indicates that the objects are included in your group directly, and not through other objects. (It does not matter if the objects are both directly included or in referenced groups).