Live view settings

The live view settings can be used to specify specific behavior when loading your map.


Show search bar Makes the search bar hidden or visible

Show language bar Makes the language menu hidden or visible

Show entity infos Determines if entity infos should be displayed when clicking on objects.

Menu open from start Determines if the menu should start open or closed when loading your map.

Always Use Red Highlight Color In Animations If enabled a red color is used. Otherwise the icon color of the clicked button is used.

Center Camera When Highlighting Objects If enabled, centers the cameras target to the middle of the object(s) being highlighted. If disabled, resets the camera to the original view instead.

Display Notifications For Direct Mappings If enabled, displays a notification of what shelves are being matched when a user is redirected to the site via a Direct Mapping link.

Use Map Controls In Mobile View If enabled, changes the mobile touch controls to Map controls (used in Google Maps). If disabled, uses the default controls.


This is a comparison of the controls:

Default controls:

  • One finger rotate

  • Two finger pan

  • Pinch to zoom

Map controls:

  • Two finger rotate (twisting motion)

  • One finger pan

  • Pinch to zoom

Background color Determines the background color behind the 3D map. Recommend setting: rgb(255,255,255)

Customize Search Result Entities

If enabled, uses the settings explained below to filter the search results when using the search bar:

Include Map Objects If enabled, includes all map objects (searchable attributes are the map object names and descriptions for the currently selected language)

Include Map Object Groups If enabled, includes all map object groups

Include Menu Buttons If enabled, includes all menu buttons