Lightning and Lightning Types

Note: These settings can be hard to master. If you'd like, you can contact us and we can change it for you.

Without light, your 3D-model would be dark. For an extensive explanation of the different lights and settings, please see here. There are different types of lights:


Casts a global light at the map that illuminates all objects equally.


Casts a light that gets emitted in a special direction.

Point light

A light that gets emitted from a single point in all directions, such as a light bulb.

Spot light

Emits light from a single point in one direction, along a cone that increases in size the further from the light it gets.


Depending on what lightning type you chose, different controls will be visible.


An internal description for the light (useful if you have multiple lights  and need to differentiate them).

Lightning color

Color of the light.


The position of the light. This is necessary for the directional lights, spotlights and point lights. Experiment by placing the light above, under or aside your map to accomplish different results. If the light is a spotlight, click 'Toggle' to place the spotlight's target:


The light's intensity, or strength.


The amount the light dims along the distance of the light.


The distance the light should travel/light up. Set this to 0 for infinite:
















How large the cone will be.