The camera decides how the map will be viewed and interacted with when using the mouse. You can determine starting positions, panning, and more. The first section (Cameras for Map) is the cameras used when loading the initial view. The other cameras are for map files, and will be used when loading that specific map file.

Change the default mobile controls

If you want a map controls for mobile devices, such as the controls used for Google Maps, go to 'Live View Settings' in the side menu and enable Use Map Controls In Mobile View.

This is a comparison of the two controls:

Default controls: 

  • One finger rotate

  • Two finger pan

  • Pinch to zoom

Map controls:

  • Two finger rotate (twisting motion)

  • One finger pan

  • Pinch to zoom

How to change the camera's position

To change the position, move the camera by holding your primary mouse button (usually the left one) and drag your mouse around. To zoom out, you can either scroll or hold down the scroll button and move the mouse back and forth.

Important - Click the 'Update camera' button to update the position, and then click 'Save' to save it. You can click 'Preview camera' to preview what position it has:

Restrict zooming



To restrict how near and far the camera is allowed to zoom, zoom with your scroll button, or hold down the scroll button and move the mouse back and fourth, to a desired zoom level. Then click either 'Set maximum allowed zoom in' to set how near the map the user may zoom in, or 'Set maximum allowed zoom out' to set how far the user can zoom out.

Remember to save after setting these restrictions.

How to change the camera's target (what it looks at)
When creating a new camera, or editing an existing one, you will see the position control for the camera target. Drag the blue/green/red arrows to change its position. The target is used to rotate around, and the initial position to look at when loading. It is recommended that you position the target in the middle of the map file for a better experience.

Description An internal description of the camera, only viewed in the admin tool.

Set as active camera If the map file has additional cameras, this determine which one will be loaded by default

Enable auto rotate after inactivity If enabled, starts a rotation after user inactivity. The camera rotates around the camera target.

Enable panning If enabled, the user can hold the right click mouse button and drag the mouse to pan the camera. Disable this if you always want to target a specific position

Allow Full Vertical View If enabled, allows the user to look under the target. If disabled, only allows the upper half of the target to be viewed. It is recommended that this is disabled if there's no reason to display the under side of your map files.

Rotate Speed The speed of the rotation after user inactivity (if the 'Enable auto rotate after inactivity' is enabled)